Litigation Preparation & Support

Legal Research & Analysis

We help take the guess work out of the picture and assist with streamlining the real issues at hand.  A fresh set of eyes never hurts and an extra set of hands can be of great benefit when time is not on your side and preparation and strategy are outcome determinative under the crunch. Identifying the legal issues and raising oppositional issue are important parts of part of the litigation process and a prepared trial team or attorney is likely to be a successful trial team or attorney.

Mock Trial Pre-Trial Issues

What better way to get a feel for a jury than to have a simulated one hear the specific issues that could make or break your case? Narrowly tailoring your issues, we can assist with putting together a simulated issue that will afford an analysis as to delivery, presentation and validity or credibility of the argument. 

Jury Selection Assistance & Peremptory Challenge Prep

Having your case prepared with strong facts, solid witnesses and applicable law to go before a jury is great, but you should know in what hands your case may rest. Jury selection is crucial in ensuring a fair trial and upholding the principle of justice. The composition of a jury can significantly impact the outcome of a case, as jurors bring their own biases, experiences, and values to the courtroom. The process of selecting jurors involves examining their backgrounds, beliefs, and potential biases to ensure that they can impartially evaluate the evidence presented. It is there that we use technology, trial experience, psychology and algorithms to try and get the most favorably neutral jurors possible. The goal of jury selection is to identify and remove any potential jurors who may be biased or unable to make an objective decision, thus ensuring a fair trial for all parties involved.