Areas of Service

Our focus is to provide excellent legal consultation to meet both the legal needs and to give exceptional support services to an array of existing businesses, entrepreneurs and litigators with our vast experience covering many areas while addressing each customer with a customized and individualized approach. 


Business Formation & Best Practices

Articles of Organization, Draft and Filing, Contract Review, Drafting, Management, Operation, Agreements, Organization Structure, Mediation, Arbitration, Ethical Marketing, Branding

Fiduciary Appointment & Representative Services

Resident Agency Services, Limited POA Services, Pay Master Services, Employment Grievance Rep Appointment Advocacy Services, Executive Administrative Support, Consulting

Litigation Preparation & Support

Legal Research, Analysis, Issue Spotting, Opposition Preparation, Limited Mock Trial/Issue Evaluation, Trial Strategy, Jury Selection Identification, Peremptory Challenge Preparation

Operational Regulatory & Statutory Compliance

Internal Audit, Compliance Reviews, Regulatory and Statutory Performance Assessments, Evaluations, Update Subject Matter, Continuing Education Workshops

Confidential Investigatory Assessments

Risk Management, Liability Assessments, Workplace Policies and Practice Complaint Assessments, Sensitive Material, Information Breach Investigations, Conflict Identification Risk Reduction

Project Development Consultation & Management

Project Development Stakeholder Credentialing, Project Performance Monitoring Assessment Services, Limited Capacity Management, Project Oversight Services